About Me:

My name is John Gregory Fagan III, but my friends and family just call me Jake. I am passionate about being a good family man and becoming a business leader. I firmly believe that business is the ultimate tool to provide a high quality of life for ourselves, our families, our community, and our world. My mission is simple, ensure that in the future we “bet on people™.”

Humanity is at a significant fork in the road. The future is here and with it, comes artificial intelligence and machine learning, virtual reality, and automated technologies. Making the need to preserve the value of human capital increasingly vital. Human value is not only under attack from machines and technology, it is also under attack from the ideas we choose to define ourselves by. Divisive issues such as social inequality, gender inequality, racism, religion, and politics.

My mission in life and with Bridge is to ensure that we  “bet on people™.” Not one person, not one group, not one type of people, but that we bet on all people. Life is not only a gift but the most valuable asset in the universe other than the sun. By prioritizing human value, we can help push humanity towards our potential. A world where differences are not only respected but encouraged, and where technology is not to be feard but does well by all regardless of social class, gender, race, religion or political views.